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Travel Team Formation Update PDF Print E-mail

As a recreational club, we strive to provide as many players as possible the opportunity to participate in the great game of soccer including at the travel level.  We understand that our participants come in a variety of interest and ability levels and realize it is our responsibility to try to guide and encourage each of them to reach their potential.  To help us in this endeavor, the club undertakes an in depth process each spring to identify and evaluate those children wishing to play travel soccer, and aid us in the team formation process.

The evaluation phase of this process for the upcoming playing session (Fall 2014) has been completed, and approved team rosters will be distributed to coaches within the next few days.  All coaches are encouraged to reach out to their players as soon as possible after receiving their rosters.  

Despite many efforts to reconfigure rosters, we regrettably have to announce that we will not have a roster spot for every child who participated in the evaluation process.  As this is the case, we may have to adjust rosters moving into the Spring session in an attempt to remedy this situation.  

 To help us complete the registration process, we are asking all players who have evaluated, to please log into your account (or create one) and register for the Fall 2014 session, as that is the only way we can be sure of your intent to play.  This is time sensitive and your prompt attention to this request is greatly appreciated!

 All travel players must have a current photo uploaded into their account and have submitted a copy of their birth certificate to our Travel Registrar.  If these items are not completed, a player pass cannot be generated and the player will not be eligible to participate.  

Thank you very much for your patience during this process, and feel free to contact our Travel Coordinator with any questions or concerns you may have.

Last Updated ( Thursday, August 07 2014 21:50 )